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The Enneagram Symbol

The Enneagram of Personality is a concise way of understanding our personalities, our motivations, our basic fears, our basic desires and how we operate in the world. It is also about transcending our personalities and our egos in order to be at the highest expression of we are.  Within each personality type, are 9 levels of development. Our attitudes and behaviours fluctuate moment to moment, day to day, depending on whether or not we are having negative or positive experiences in our day. We keep reacting and have no control over our experiences. By studying the Enneagram we understand our inner workings and have the option of choosing where we want to be on those 9 levels.

Understanding ourselves is the first step towards self-mastery and self-realization. Understanding others helps us improve relationships in the family, social, workplace and any arena. Understanding our children gives us new tools to love them and help them grow.

To start working on travelling up those levels, click on Tapping for Enneagram Types. For Enneagram consultation, please call or schedule an appointment online.

To continue to work on yourself and transcend the levels of your personality programming, consider attending a DeepDive∞ Enneagram Workshop

To learn more about the Enneagram, go to
The Enneagram Institute website. Click on each of the type for detailed descriptions.

Here is another useful website 9Types that I use with clients.