Testimonial: Releasing Suppressed Emotions Lifts Physical Symptoms

Lifting Off

While chatting with my mother-in-law over lunch she started crying and revealed pain and anger towards her deceased husband whom she had loved very much, she even seemed to feel guilty at having these feelings. While listening to her it became apparent that a visit with Siewfan may have been just what she needed. Knowing if I discussed this with my mother-in-law she would find a way to try and get out of going to see Siewfan. I made the booking and advised her she was seeing Siewfan and an appointment had been made and (taking a bit of poetic license to her protests) I was unable to change it as it was too late notice.

So I am driving her to the appointment and she is asking what is going to happen “It’s hard to explain” I told her, five minutes later she tells me “Well I am not going to say anything” I told her that was fine and she replied “but Siewfan will show me the door” I disagreed with her.

So after her session, which she stayed for the full 90mins, I pick her up from Siewfan’s office we are not even at the lift and she says “That was unbelievable” a little worried I probed her “ It was amazing, I never thought anything like that could happen” and Siewfan is such a nice lady. Smiling we chat and go to the car and as I am driving home I happen to look at my mother-in-law’s hand and they had visibily changed – weird I know, but they had, the skin and de-wrinkled and they looked young again, she and I were both amazed. So we get home and she goes upstairs to put her bag down and says “look at this” she is able to walk up our stairs without holding onto the rail and without double shuffling on each stair, straight up and straight down, with all the ease in the world.

I have been to Siewfan before and have had many wonderful experiences and releases to pent up emotional hurts from childhood, but after my mother-in-law’s experience maybe I should look to go to her instead of thinking about botox…..

LW, Daughter-in-law, Singapore

It is true and you would find it more rewarding than botox.

JW, Mom-in-law, Australia

Engaging Your Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom

This is one version of engaging the hidden resources in our higher selves / inner wisdom / subconscious mind. This sequence is one way of integrating NLP New Code Breakthrough Pattern technique with Sandi Radomski’s Ask and Receive (www.askandreceive.org). We may use this with or without tapping. We may use muscle testing, dowsing or our emotional intensity about a state or statement.

This works with values and beliefs we need to change (…no longer need to believe…), strategies and capabilities we need create (…how to…), behaviors we need to change(… no longer need to or how to….). Depending on how you use it, you can also work on the identity (… I am…) and spiritual (…. higher purpose…) levels. Multiple iterations will take care of ecological issues and embed the positive intention (and hence psychological reversal) behind the situation you want to change.

The example below is about changing beliefs.

First write down the belief so that you can repeat it word for word.

Secondly, say it out loud and give it a score for emotional intensity.

Thirdly, say the sequence s–l–o–w–l–y.

“There is an older, wiser part of me, who already knows that I no longer need to believe (use your own beliefs)

….that it is dangerous to have expectations and show up in my life…. if I have expectations I will only be disappointed….

That older, wiser part of me is happy to inform the rest of me now ( even while knowing that there may be parts of me who are not ready to let this go, taking into consideration my personal ecology and the positive intentions behind that belief)

It is now doing so with ease and grace.

Information transfer is now complete.

I receive this information with joy and gratitude.”

Fourthly, score again for emotional intensity. Repeat until the statement feels totally untrue.  Just breathe for a couple of minutes to feel any changes or differences in how you feel or how you think about the situation. You may have a new realization or a deeper issue or belief that then comes to the surface. If so write it down, and repeat the sequence for the new statement.