Testimonial: Releasing Suppressed Emotions Lifts Physical Symptoms

Lifting Off

While chatting with my mother-in-law over lunch she started crying and revealed pain and anger towards her deceased husband whom she had loved very much, she even seemed to feel guilty at having these feelings. While listening to her it became apparent that a visit with Siewfan may have been just what she needed. Knowing if I discussed this with my mother-in-law she would find a way to try and get out of going to see Siewfan. I made the booking and advised her she was seeing Siewfan and an appointment had been made and (taking a bit of poetic license to her protests) I was unable to change it as it was too late notice.

So I am driving her to the appointment and she is asking what is going to happen “It’s hard to explain” I told her, five minutes later she tells me “Well I am not going to say anything” I told her that was fine and she replied “but Siewfan will show me the door” I disagreed with her.

So after her session, which she stayed for the full 90mins, I pick her up from Siewfan’s office we are not even at the lift and she says “That was unbelievable” a little worried I probed her “ It was amazing, I never thought anything like that could happen” and Siewfan is such a nice lady. Smiling we chat and go to the car and as I am driving home I happen to look at my mother-in-law’s hand and they had visibily changed – weird I know, but they had, the skin and de-wrinkled and they looked young again, she and I were both amazed. So we get home and she goes upstairs to put her bag down and says “look at this” she is able to walk up our stairs without holding onto the rail and without double shuffling on each stair, straight up and straight down, with all the ease in the world.

I have been to Siewfan before and have had many wonderful experiences and releases to pent up emotional hurts from childhood, but after my mother-in-law’s experience maybe I should look to go to her instead of thinking about botox…..

LW, Daughter-in-law, Singapore

It is true and you would find it more rewarding than botox.

JW, Mom-in-law, Australia

Tapping to cope with Loss of a Loved One

If you are new to EFT and tapping please check the section on EFT Basics for the basic tapping technique.

This is for dealing with the emotional soup of dealing with the loss of a loved one. Please do each section 3 times before moving on to the next one, so that you are gentle with yourself.

“I want to heal and get over this loss, but I feel guilty. I feel empty, abandoned and alone, and I want to get over this, but I don’t. I want to move on, but I don’t. I want to be happy again, but I don’t. I want to put down this emotional soup and get over this, but I don’t. I want to be able to function in the world, but I don’t. I deeply and completely accept my conflict, I profoundly and unconditionally love myself, accept myself, forgive myself, and anybody else, maybe, for contributing to this.

I miss him, and by missing him I feel like he’s still there with me, I don’t want to forget his face, his voice, his love. I want to hold on to my memories, my pain, my grief, my loss. I feel angry and betrayed, and I can’t understand why he was taken from me. But maybe there’s a different way to remember him. But maybe it’s possible to remember him (at some point) only with love, only with gratitude that we had this time together, that he has given me so much strength. May be at some point I will remember him only with a smile, with warmth. Maybe at some point, remembering him will give me only strength and affirm that life is good.

I now choose to take steps towards embracing my pain, my hurt, my loss. I choose to acknowledge my despair and loneliness. I deeply and completely love myself, accept myself, and I forgive myself, I forgive him, and I forgive anyone else, who contributed to my hurt. Even though I keep looking to others to make me feel better, I feel needy and seek others to lean on, I choose to accept myself.

Even though I feel like a victim, powerless and helpless, feel like I will never get out of this pit of loneliness and despair, nor see any light of peace or happiness. I embrace all my emotions, I honour my emotions, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and my emotions and forgive myself,  I choose to learn to be friends with my emotions, to listen to them, to learn from them and to calm them. Even though I feel very desperate now and I am at a loss for what to do next,  I choose to know that I am the master of my own life, even when it doesn’t feel like it, I am the author of my own destiny, just as I have allowed bad things to happen, I now choose to manifest good things in my life. I choose for love and light to enter and light up my life. I choose to find a reason feel grateful every day, even when it all seems dark and hopeless. … I choose freedom… I choose peace, courage, joy, love, calm, ease, centeredness, stillness, strength.”