Testimonial: Releasing Suppressed Emotions Lifts Physical Symptoms

Lifting Off

While chatting with my mother-in-law over lunch she started crying and revealed pain and anger towards her deceased husband whom she had loved very much, she even seemed to feel guilty at having these feelings. While listening to her it became apparent that a visit with Siewfan may have been just what she needed. Knowing if I discussed this with my mother-in-law she would find a way to try and get out of going to see Siewfan. I made the booking and advised her she was seeing Siewfan and an appointment had been made and (taking a bit of poetic license to her protests) I was unable to change it as it was too late notice.

So I am driving her to the appointment and she is asking what is going to happen “It’s hard to explain” I told her, five minutes later she tells me “Well I am not going to say anything” I told her that was fine and she replied “but Siewfan will show me the door” I disagreed with her.

So after her session, which she stayed for the full 90mins, I pick her up from Siewfan’s office we are not even at the lift and she says “That was unbelievable” a little worried I probed her “ It was amazing, I never thought anything like that could happen” and Siewfan is such a nice lady. Smiling we chat and go to the car and as I am driving home I happen to look at my mother-in-law’s hand and they had visibily changed – weird I know, but they had, the skin and de-wrinkled and they looked young again, she and I were both amazed. So we get home and she goes upstairs to put her bag down and says “look at this” she is able to walk up our stairs without holding onto the rail and without double shuffling on each stair, straight up and straight down, with all the ease in the world.

I have been to Siewfan before and have had many wonderful experiences and releases to pent up emotional hurts from childhood, but after my mother-in-law’s experience maybe I should look to go to her instead of thinking about botox…..

LW, Daughter-in-law, Singapore

It is true and you would find it more rewarding than botox.

JW, Mom-in-law, Australia

Enneagram: Moving up the Levels of Development

Up Stairs and Over Shadows

An educator said to me, “oh, we don’t do personality typing, we don’t  put people in boxes because we treat people as complete individuals….”  He’s got a point. If we do typing / profiling and just stop there, that is putting people in boxes. It’s can be pointless, unfair, unwise and even limiting. And just like any other tool, the Enneagram can be useful or not, depending on how we use it. How we use it depends on what we understand it is.

For me it is a framework and a map for getting to the highest expression of who we are, the best version of ourselves. It isn’t the simplest of frameworks to understand, and it doesn’t explain everything that a human being is or does. But it allows us to see where we are, and where we can be, if we want. This is where the Levels of Development, pioneered by Don Riso and Russ Hudson come in so handy. No one Type is better or worse than another Type. There healthy, average and unhealthy levels within each personality type. And on any given day, our sense of self fluctuate depending on what kind of day we are having and how deeply entrenched we are in our personality, how far we have been estranged from our true essence.  No one is a pure Type, nor do we not use resources of other Types or exhibit traits, attitudes and behaviour of other Types. As complete humans, we have all nine Types. It’s just that we “live” in a particular Type based on our Basic Fear, Basic Desire and Parental Orientation.

It doesn’t matter what challenges we are having, or what goals we have set. We can be in the middle of a life transition, working on a phobia, overcoming depression, lying in a deep trough on the journey to the dark side….. if we know our personality well, and we know the mechanism and the dynamics of the levels of development, we will know where we are along that continuum. And if we have the right tools we will be able to get from a less healthy level of development to a more healthy level. It doesn’t happen in a weekend, but for those who are on the path of self-development, self-awareness and self-definition, I don’t know a more complete or more useful framework than the Enneagram and specifically of the dynamism of the levels of development and other flowing aspects of the framework. And I don’t know a better book than “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Riso and Hudson.

Therefore the Enneagram is about finding out which box we are already in, so that we can find our way out of the box of our ego identification, to breathe the free air of our true essence. The tools? EFT, Integration, NLP….. come see me.