Spiritual Tapping Enneagram Type Two

Heart Ablaze

This sequence is for Enneagram Type Twos who want to do deeper work on their personality issues. It’s been an especially tough one for me to write, maybe because as a Four, Two is my shadow & “missing piece”. I’m still not happy with it, but I reckon that those who are Twos can edit at will, and in fact I would be happy to hear from you, and add your statements to this so that others can benefit.

Please tap daily for about 7 days, either morning or evening, making sure that in each day, you find some quiet time for yourself to do this. Leave it alone for 7 days, then look at these statements again. You may have some new insights or memories relevant to the development of your Enneagram Type. You can tap on these or ask me if you need help.

If you are new to the Enneagram, EFT and tapping, please first refer to these sections:

EFT Basics

Tapping for Enneagram Types


1. Please start the tapping with the point under your left shoulder (Reset Button), do 3 rounds of the following statements.:
“I am a caring soul, a loving person; it’s hard for me to recognise that I  have a basic fear of having no love in my life, of being unloved and unlovable, of finding no love in the world.

I have a basic desire to FEEL love, to be at one with love, to be a source of love in the world, to make sure that there is love in the world.

I live life in search of closeness, and maybe approval. Sometimes I feel the need to be loved, to express my feelings for others, to be needed and appreciated, to get others to respond to me, to vindicate my claims about myself.

Sometimes I’d rather not admit, even to myself that I have needs. I’d be ashamed to have needs, other people can have needs, but not me. I am the one who’s suppose to give love, not receive it. I am afraid that my own needs and negative feelings will harm my relationships. I’d rather just stuff it, and feel resentful that my needs are not important.

All my emotional upheaval, my longing, and upwelling is just my ego experiencing itself in my personality. BUT I am more than my ego, I am more than my personality, I am more than my emotions, I am more than my thoughts. I am life beyond boundaries. I deeply and completely love and accept myself, I forgive myself, and anyone else who contributed to this situation.

In my heart of hearts, I know my essential nature, when I have intimacy with the truth of who I am. When I’m in touch with the depth of my being I experience only sweetness, innocence and love. Where there is sweetness, there is innocence, and I am bathing in the love of reality’s sweet embrace.”

2. Now just do normal tapping, also 3 rounds:

These are the statements that reflect the emotions, and you can change or add as you feel. Just don’t do too many at one time or you might feel overwhelmed:

Sometimes I give love to get love and approval, or I pretend to give love to get love and approval

Sometimes I feel like I have no needs, others have needs, but not me, I only give.

Sometimes I struggle to get close to others but still feel unloved.

Sometimes I need to be loved unconditionally by others and feel their love.

Sometimes I need others to toally appreciate my affection and sacrifices.

Sometimes I try to ‘well-meaning’ and make myself indispensable.

Sometimes I wreck my own health by sacrificing myself for others.

Sometimes I fear that the people I love will love someone else more than me.

Sometimes I fear that I am taken for granted and not appreciated enough.

Sometimes my value depends on someone loving me.

sometimes I manipulate others with my love and deceive myself about my motivations.

I have alienated the ones I love by being sanctimonious and high-handed.

I have reacted in rage and belligerence, and hurt the very people I claim to love.

I feel like I am driving people away.

“I’ve been reaching outwards all the time, not in touch with the turmoil within. I’m looking for love and approval outside of myself. I’m ruining the relationships I have by not seeing that I have issues. I’ve disregarded the love that I have for the love that I thought I OUGHT to FEEL. I’ve thought “you’ve changed, you don’t love me the way you used to. You don’t appreciate the sacrifices I’ve made for you.” I’ve sulked and pouted and acted up like a petulant child, still identify myself as one who’s loving, empathetic and sincere.

I now choose to acknowledge that I sometimes do not admit that I have needs and problems like other people. I am ashamed to admit I have needs. May be if I had needs, I would be unlovable. I choose to be in touch with my PRIDE and SHAME, and to experience that at the root of that are wounded children who need to be embraced.

I now choose to recognise my true feelings about myself and about others, and to notice when I am projecting on others.

My essential nature is LOVE and SWEETNESS. My true virtue is HUMILITY, because I am open to putting myself out there and saying that I have needs, I accept that I have needs.

I now choose to allow my inner children to express themselves, the ones that I have pushed into the back because I didn’t want to feel hurt and unloved. I choose to embrace them so they can heal. And maybe I could let some one else help me to. May be this person is already showing me their love in their own way.

I now choose to get in touch with my negative feelings, my shadow side, especially my aggression, anger, hatred, hurt, and SHAME. I become aware of myself as I really am – LIGHT and SHADOW. I deeply and completely, unconditionally and profoundly accept myself, ALL OF MYSELF. I choose to nurture myself and others, to be good to myself, and have goodwill for others.

I now choose to know that working on myself, and ensuring that I am the best that I can be means that I can be FULLY here. I’ve been running on an empty tank for a long time. Now it’s time to put petrol in the car, so that I can be FULLY PRESENT to my life, available for my family. I appreciate myself for getting the help I need, and doing the work so that I can be at the highest expression of who I am.”

3. Now do 3 rounds of this affirmations to get in touch with your true nature:

“I now choose to release the conviction that there is anything I can do to earn, create or get love, I can only to open to love… Love Is. Unconditional Love.
I choose to be in touch with sweetness, love….

blissful solitude….

I choose to experience the STILLNESS, SWEETNESS and HUMILITY within.”

Adapted from the work of Don Riso and Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute

EFT for Money Issues

Bountiful Abundance

Money blocks come in a few guises: beliefs about me (and my parents and my family), beliefs about money, beliefs about people with money. Beliefs are usually about the right/wrong, good/bad, desirable/undesirable variety. Much of our ideas on self-worth, good and evil and identity could be tied to money, wealth and abundance. Sometimes there’s a kind of ‘humble pride’ as a defence mechanism against feeling bad about poverty. As always, substitute with words that resonate with you. You may also try using the second person voice (“you are not good enough”) instead of the first person voice (“I am not good enough”). This is often more effective when you had someone in your life who kept telling you you weren’t good enough.

It is useful to work on different word-themes around money, e.g., “wealth”, “abundance”, “lots and lots of money”, “profit”, “fees”, “salary”….  It is also useful to work on idioms, proverbs and common sayings. They have a way of programming us.

If you are new to EFT and tapping please check the section on EFT Basics for the basic tapping technique.

Blocks and Beliefs to release
Beliefs about myself, my family, my tribe:
I don’t deserve, I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough
There will never be enough
But we can’t afford that
I can never be better than my father, so I can never be rich
My family has always been poor and struggling
It is part of our heritage and identity to be poor
Wanting money makes me cheap
I want approval / validation / esteem, not money
I avoid money so that people / more people will like me
If I stay poor more people will like me
People will stop liking me / be jealous of me if I was successful
I’m too proud to make more money, wanting lots of money is beneath me

Beliefs about money / abundance wealth:
It is wrong to take money for helping / teaching / serving others
I above thinking/ worrying about money
It is wrong to make profits
Wealth is bad
Money is evil, money is the root of all evil
Profits are evil
Making profits is unethical
Corporations are evil
Money is not spiritual
Money is dirty
It’s crass to like money / worry about money
It’s crass to have / like / want lots of money
It’s not ok to have lots of money

Beliefs about people who have money:
Only crooks make lots and lots of money
Rich people are greedy / crass / dishonest / unethical
People who live in wealth and abundance are crooks
People who live in wealth and abundance live off the sweat of the poor
Spiritual people do not need / like / want money
Spiritual people do not need / like / want / lots of money
Only poor people need money
Only the uneducated need money / like money
Only crass people need / like / want money

Common idioms which becomes limiting beliefs
Save for a rainy day
A penny saved is a penny earned
Money don’t grow on trees
Tighten your belt
Cost an arm and a leg
Paid peanuts
Beggars can’t be choosers
Better safe than sorry

Affirmations to instil new beliefs
It’s good and necessary to have values, guidelines and ethics around money, but I don’t need to make them limiting blocks and beliefs. Changing my limiting beliefs about money, wealth and abundance is easy for me. Making money, easily, consistently and ethically is easy for me. Keeping the money I make is easy for me. Making money work for me ethically, consistently, easily is easy for me.

It’s good and necessary to have values, guidelines and ethics around lots and lots of money, but I don’t need to make them limiting blocks and beliefs. Changing my limiting beliefs about lots and lots of money, wealth and abundance is easy for me. Making lots and lots of money, easily, consistently and ethically is easy for me. Keeping lots and lots of money I make is easy for me. Making lots and lots of money work for me ethically, consistently, easily is easy for me. Living in wealth and abundance is easy and comfortable for me. Being successful, wealthy and living in abundance is my birthright.

I am now ready to allow myself to find a creative way to provide value to others and make lots and lots of money. I choose to surprise myself with great ideas towards creating wealth and abundance. I now choose to see money as a spiritual resource, not evil but good. I choose wealth now. I choose abundance now.