Siewfan Wong

Siewfan is the founder of DeepDive Coaching, a certified NLP Coach and a practitioner of EFT, NLP New Code, Enneagram InnerWork and Chios Energy Field Healing. She also uses tools from other modalities including Transactional Analysis, Applied Kinesiology, metaphysical healing. Siewfan’s professional background is in the hospitality IT industry, specializing in business applications strategy and Customer Relationship Management. She has an MBA from Institute of Management Development (IMD), Switzerland. She stepped off the corporate ladder in 2003 to practice alternative healing and personal development. Her other interests are in marine conservation, voluntary simplicity and holistic living.

“I help individuals resolve childhood imprints, repeated negative patterns and limiting beliefs so you can have the life you want. My specialties include personal performance, emotional challenges, and physical conditions. Healing is a personal experience, Be in control of your own healing and growth. I’d be happy to have a chat over the phone as a complimentary initial consultation so you can check me out. Call 9459 8262.”

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